Experienced HR Professionals

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As professionals in the field, we hear a lot from candidates and employers about the recruitment process. We have been through countless amounts of resumes, shortlisting candidates, ‘googling’ the real candidates and interviewing them for employers.

In candidates, we can definitely spot their shortfalls. This can be from the poorly designed marketing material, finding the ‘real’ candidate on Google, or even being unprepared in the interview, resulting in us saying “we’ll think about it and let you know”. Just because you have skills, doesn’t mean you’re getting in the door. Believe it or not, when we work with employers and receive 60+ resumes, we aren’t going to look at everything. We are doing the ’10-to-15 second’ look and deciding right there to shortlist or not. This is why we feel our services are important especially since we have the experience and know-how to talk the ‘HR lingo’ that our comrades are looking for in applicants.


Why Choose Us?

Compared to other resume services that ask for a ton of money to punch out a cookie-cutter resume, we take the time to go through your information and personalize our services to your needs. Specifically, we work with many migrants looking to work in a Western country. We have the advantage of knowing a variety of resume-types for our international clientele. Finally, we work with many recruiters and vendors here in Australia and know many of the industries and their applicant demands.