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‘One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words’ – But Which Ones?

Going through resumes, you can see a range of formats and templates used. Some people just use a standard, traditional looking one with bullet points and italicized words; others will go very artistic with pictures, styles or even having it appear landscaped (which sometimes will get a bit irritating if you are printing out a bunch of them in portrait). However, the ones that make any recruiter or HR Professional pause a minute is ones with pictures. This necessarily isn’t a good thing! The questions that usually come to my mind are things like: “Why did they put this on here?”, “I wonder how old they are?”, “Why did they decided to chose a ‘bar-style’ picture featuring alcohol and a tight tang-top?”. Though Read more


I’m Here in Oz and No One Wants Me: Networking is Key

It’s disappointing to hear how many people migrate to Australia, get a degree, experience the local culture, yet no one wants to hire them. You would assume that these migrants would have an upper advantage as they just spent thousands of Aussie dollars living here and paying for higher education in the hopes to make Australia their new home. I say this as the majority of migrants I speak to are looking for a permanent stay in OZ and are just frustrated by the fact that no one wants them. This write-up is for onshore migrates that are experiencing this problem. I tell them time-and-time again that networking is the most important job search tool they have. Looking from an employer perspective, if I have 65 applications Read more


Does Someone Really Read Your Resume? – Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

If you were surprised to learn about the relatively short amount of time HR Professionals spend on your resume, it might come as a shock that you could have been weeded out of the applicant pool by a computer program instead of a person (article). Though applicant tracking systems (ATS) are not used by every company, you will find larger organizations and recruiting firms will use them to keep track of your information and to see if you are a good fit for a position. How Does it Work? When you send in your resume, the system (or sometimes the HR Professional) will highlight keep words in your resume. If an individual does this, they may make a separate attachment to pull out your experience (ie 7 years of experience in the banking Read more


Too Much Information (TMI): What to Add to Your Resume Header

One of the most common things we encounter in dealing with an international clientele is their desire to find work here in Australia. A lot of prospective migrants become defeated and burnt out in trying to break into the Australian job market. We previously wrote about a government statistic on the amount of onshore employer visas vs the offshore visas obtained by migrants. There is no question as to why education is the number three export here in Australia. China is the leading country followed by India in international students and many of them are seeking Australian employment after their tertiary education. Speaking to university professors, students, recruiters and employers, we have found that employers are Read more